Old Barn in Black and White

I had some time to wander about the fields of Glen Valley, along the levy, so I took my trusty camera along to attempt to get some good shots under very overcast skies. I was going to type about some touching issues that have been on my mind, like; why I think BitCoin is awesome; Bill C-23, the new legislation on Elections, and how it will effect our democracy in Canada;  and why I am going to be happy when this two week long commercial will end soon on the public media. Instead, I will post this lovely photo I took of this old barn that I have never seen before because I never walked this far before along the levy. Also, because it was very dark out, I had decided to shoot everything in black and white to compensate for the dullness and low light conditions, and I was going for that old school look. I think the results look really good!

Old Barn in Glen Valley - Fort Langley BC Feb 17 2014 Weblog Image

As you can tell, this old barn is in need of some tender-loving-care!

I shot this on my Sony A77, using a DT 16-50mm F2,8 SSM Lens: 50mm, F5.6, ISO100, 1/160s.

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