Escapees From the Bovine Express & Mail Boxes.

Today seemed to be shaping up to be a great day, from spending time getting out, to friends popping over asking for computer advice, and then checking out the sights, plus tasting the local cuisine at the Fort Pub and grill as part of my payment for fixing a laptop for a friend. I munched on a Fort Burger–yummy. You gotta love bartering. But like all good days, they start with something interesting. This morning was a bunch of bovine escapees who left their main herd from the adjoining farm to munch on the grass on my side of the fence. I ended the day with seeing the new Canada Post mail boxes being installed along 254th Street, near my place.

New Mail Boxes from Canada Post in Langley Township Feb 20 2014 - Weblog Image

O.Kay, my first thought was saying to myself that these look an awful lot like the postal mail boxes I see in the U.S. Then noting that these look a lot stronger than the ones they just took out, which were getting pilfered by vandals and thieves, almost on a daily bases around here. Then I realized that these units are only mounted on four bolts at the bottom, and someone could easily just run into it with a truck, knocking it over, then hauling it off down the road where no one can see them, then taking the loot from inside. So, I give this design a failing grade, and say that it is a wait in see as to the success or failure of these letter boxes in the future. Time will tell if the theft problem will go away.

I love animals. I do not have any pets of my own, but here in the agrarian village of Fort Langley, farm animals are everywhere, but not right in town, so I see lots of animals all of the time. Where I live, I am surrounded by them. Every once in a while, farm animals wonder onto to the field that I occupy, and graze on the grass in the open back. I do not mind one bit. However, my landlord has a problem with this. I guess it is an agreement with the other farmers that if animals wander on ones land, then the owner must retrieve their their livestock as soon as possible. I was told not to chase the animals back onto the road, but just phone if I see animals that do not belong to my landlord, and then he will deal with the rest.

Seven bovine escapees somehow left the main herd from the big dairy farm down the road, and took up occupancy here at my place. They seems very happy munching on the grass, and I left them alone while they fed. Later in the afternoon, the owner came to collect the wondering cows and one bull, but not until my driveway had a few cow-pies scattered on it.

Escapees from the Main Herd - Feb 20 2014 - Weblog Image

In all, a good day, but it is not over yet, still things to do before I can call it a night. Everyone is happy, and tomorrow seems to be shaping up to be even better, we will see.


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