The Corner of McBride and Mavis

My old neighbourhood sure looks nothing like it did before when I moved from there. New street, new homes, and new trees, even the homes that were never touched across the street from me are unrecognisable to me now. I guess that the way it is, whether it is gentrification, urban sprawl, or just plain growth, whatever you want to call it, these changes just seem to be coming faster and faster, and faster. The Old Fort, Fort Langley, BC, will soon have 52 new addresses very soon to add to the town’s ever changing diversity. With my friend, from my former place of work, we took a walk there so I could show him where I used to live. I snapped a few photos while we stood there.

The Corner of McBride St and Mavis Ave in Fort Langley Feb 19 2014 Weblog Image

The Corner of McBride St and Mavis Ave in Fort Langley Feb 19 2014.

Yes, this is going to take a little while to get use to for me. With the exception of the numerous trains that roar pass every day, the new home owners will be very happy here. This is a great location; walking distance from everything, and perfect for raising children. You will not get this little piece of utopia living in a condo in the middle of the city.

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