A Slushy Day

It is a slushy day, snow mixed in with rain, but still above freezing, (the only positive point here) so this weekend will be an indoor activity one. I guess we are grateful here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia becuase we are, on average, a lot warmer than the rest of Canada during the winter period. This is why getting freezing weather is such a big deal for us.

Light Snow on Feb 22 2014 - Weblog Image

According to Environment Canada, we are suppose to be getting plus 10C mid week coming up, but that changes every time you look at their website. However, I would choose here to be as compared to the rest of Canada, as 90 percent of the country is still locked in a deep freeze. I can go outside with my runners, and spring jacket on and be comfortable with the aid of an umbrella.

A Snowy Day - Fort Langley BC Feb 22 2014 Weblog Image

No enough to make snowballs, and sculpt snow men, but enough to stick to everything and make every surface outside damp. Here is hoping that it all disappears by tomorrow.

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