The Next Day: Melting Fast

I am happy to report that the snow is on a fast retreat beck to it’s liquid state from being blasted with the three day long, double whopper, set of snow storms. With blue skies, and warm sunshine, the day could not have any more picturesque. There lays about 10cm of snow on the ground, but many open patches of bare ground have been taking over the landscape.

Melting Snow on Trees - Fort Langley BC - FEB 22 2014 Weblog Image

My patio deck is still half covered with snow, but the warm air is melting it quickly. I cannot wait to enjoy sitting on the chairs and absorbing the sunshine again.

Melting Snow - Fort Langley BC - FEB 25 2014 Weblog Image

I may take a hike into Fort Langley, BC, today and shoot some evening scenes of the setting Sun reflecting from off of the snow in town. The sky is perfectly clear today–good day for photos.

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