The Look On Your Face….

Squirrels are nasty creatures when they want to be. They are specialized in climbing, reaching and squeezing into places that seem physically impossible. There search for food is an on going battle between man’s ingenuity of keeping them out, versus the incredible feats of acrobatic manoeuvres that allow them to effortlessly break and enter the most secure enclosure one can build. When I got to the location where me and my business partner were to unload the freshly built server rack for a Fort Langley business owner, the look on our faces when we opened the van doors was priceless.  Out sprang a squirrel, very angry, growling, snorting, big teeth, claws and confused.

Scared Man Feb 27 2014 - Weblog Image

This is a quick painting of what I saw on my installer’s face when the squirrel barrelled out from the van when we got into Fort Langley, BC

I can only guess that this is a Glen Valley squirrel that jumped inside the van while we were loading up the server rack, and its components. We had left the van open for several hours while we were organizing all of the cabling and components. The rodent must of slipped in just during the loading of the last piece, probably after the bag of corn chips left on the shelf that separates the inside of the van between the cab and cargo area. I never heard the squirrel while we were on our ten minute journey into town, which means it was probably super scared and hid.

ADDED: March 2nd, 2014

As requested by my friend Suzette, from Terrace, BC, who asked me about what we saw, from the Squirrel’s perspective. With out further ado, after I received her email, je présente “What the Squirrel Saw.”

What the Squirrel Saw - March 2 2014 - Weblog Image

My “artist’s account” of what I saw just before the squirrel leaped out from the van just after we opened the back doors. I drew this image in MyPaint, while the above image was drawn in Krita.

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