Please, Mother Nature, is this the Last Blast of Winter?

Last night, when the snow started, I did not think much about it. The weather was still fairly good when I went to bed. Although the temperature was dropping last night, I had no idea that when I got up this morning to head into Mission, BC that the whole Fraser Valley was going to be socked in with low visibility, snow, and freezing rain. There were numerous accidents, and Highway #1 was closed, westbound, as they we dealing with a tractor trailer roll-over just around the Chilliwack, BC area. Even here, close to home, I saw a car off in the ditch at Mavis and River Road (Fort Langley, BC). In all, a very messy day, as the snow turned to freezing rain, making the roads very slick.

Rhododendron Bush March 2 2014 Weblog Image

If the Rhododendron bush could speak, I think it is saying, “this sucks.” The leaves were so perky on this plant last week, when the Sun was shining and well above freezing–now look at it.

I told my contacts today that I was calling it a Snow Day, and staying put. The drive this morning was enough to singe my nerves and cause me to take a short nap this afternoon from all of the stress. I was not the driving on the ice and snow that made the driving experience so unnerving, it was navigating around all of the other driver’s who were littered all over the roads.

Going up hills was the worst. I was following a small pick-up, up 272nd St. when he lost traction and start sliding back down the hill–in front of me. He had bald tires on. I managed to swerve around him, only to see him spin off in the ditch after I turned the corner.

Here is hoping that Mother Nature has given her last blast of winter to us here in the Lower Mainland for this winter.

Post Script

I just seen a Tweet: that Highway #1 is now closed, both direction around Hope, BC, on Flood Road. :S

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