Add Me Up Scotty!

After three months of using a little pocket calculator that I bought back to the ’90s, I went to seek out a new machine, and found a very reasonably priced “Printing Professional Business Calculator” on E(vil)Bay. My old Radio Shack adding machine (not a printing calculator) had finally given up the ghost last fall. The “+” key finally broke off, and repairing it was just not going to happen. That old office appliance was just around 21 years old, and had been with me through thick and thin, doing my taxes, accounting year-ends, and working in two businesses, over it’s life time. I needed a office printing machine desperately as this year’s tax season is going to be a whopper for me, and I need to be ready for it. I got this Sharp for a deal!

The New Printing Professional Business Calculator Arrived - March 3 2014 Weblog Image

I just got it today, arriving by Canada Post, from Thornhill Ontario. Like I said at the top, I got it for a very reasonable price, and surprisingly, right here in Canada–which is unusual, since buying items like this here are so over priced.

Ah, yes…, tax time.

This is going to be unusual tax season becuase of all the tax credits and right-offs I will using this year. Most of my credits are from when I attended university, which are at their maturity, and I maxed out my limits for other tax benefits that I qualify for. But, the grand-daddy of them all will be the tax free savings that I jumped on. In all, my goal is to only pay less than $1000.00 between the federal and provincial government’s combined this year. I believe that I can meet, or exceed that goal this term.

Mr. Harper will not be creating his surplus budget with my money come election 2015!

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