Finding Lost Stuff While Cleaning the Hard Drive Out

I started doing a transfer of all of my data taken from my main P.C. and backing it up onto storage drives yesterday. I came across a whole pile of images that I had forgotten about, and thought I had lost them. It turns out that I had backed them up, but forgotten to include a proper index of that back-up file when I created the archive file, so when I went to look at the contents, there they were, about 16 gigs of image files that I took from around the first half of 2011, and some from the summer of 2012. I was searching for this set of images to use with my Valentine’s Day graphics, and ended up creating some vector graphics ones instead.

Flower Hearts 2012 - Fort Langley BC Weblog Image

Hard to believe that I took this image with my old trusty Sony Alpha 33 SLT camera.

The heart shaped flowers were growing in the Lombardy Trailer Court, behind the Fort Laundromat, during the summer of 2012. I had asked permission from the park owners if I could shoot a bunch photos of their garden. I was mostly interested in these flowers because they looked so amazing. There are 35 shots from that session that I took, using a 16 to 55mm zoom lens, and my newly purchased 30mm Macro lens. There are about 5 shots that I think are publishable. I only posted one shot from this bunch back in 2012, and then stored the files, so there are more to come.

The back-up took me about 15 hours, transferring about 1.5 TBs of back-up data files. I rigorously go through a process of encrypting the hard drive, and then archiving my data to store in the encrypted drive, then I index the contents to a separate hard drive to finish the archiving process. The archived data is also given recovery back-up files to aid in the event if the hard drive has been damage during storage: I can then reconstruct any broken parts afterwords. In Linux, I created a BASH file to automate the process, and cut down on time during the whole process.

I may post another article here on the work-flow that I do during my system wide back-up routine. But for now, I am happy that I found my heart shaped flowers. đŸ™‚

2 Thoughts on “Finding Lost Stuff While Cleaning the Hard Drive Out

  1. Great photo Tom! Love how you focused the center on the Bleeding Hearts then the edges are softened, the background fades nicely with the green making the pink really pop.

  2. Thank you Suzette!

    So they’re called Bleeding Hearts? Interesting name for them.

    When I find another patch of Bleeding Hearts, I’ll shoot them again becuase I have some new ideas for different styles of shots.

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