Things to do During the Pineapple Express

Many of my plans were put on hold due to this nasty bit of weather we are getting this weekend. I was suppose to head up North for a job, but that was abruptly put on hold due to this massive weather system, so the job will be postponed up until May, 2014. I cannot work outside either becuase the rain is quite wild at times, but a constant down-pour, soaking everything that is outside. We are in a warming trend becuase of this weather system, called The Pineapple Express that is giving us very warm air from Hawaii, but I cannot complain–we are not shovelling it. So, this is a working inside weekend, my opportunity to catch up on all of those repairs, and jobs that need to be taken care of–that I have had on hold over the last few months.


I drove over to Home Depot to buy some lumber and a couple of sheets of plywood, to work on my storage area where the patio is. I also bought a sheet of Drywall to fix an annoying crack by a wall outlet, plus some new electrical outlets, and light switches to replaces the ones that look out of place. Amazingly that part of the project only took me the better part of the Morning and early afternoon. There was not much of a challenge there.

I went and rented a rug-cleaning machine, to steam-clean and shampoo my carpets, but when I got the machine home, it would not work for me. Tomorrow I will have to take it back and deal with it. But I did not stop there: I cleaned all of my windows and the oven exhaust vent. By this time the rain was really coming down.

Back to Home Depot for more DIY stuff. I decided to fix some of the do-dads in the bathroom. I bought a new, fancy towel and TP rack, and matching doorhandles for the doors and drawers on the cabinets. I think the room looks really awesome now. Styling!

The last thing I did today was build a small footrest for underneath my computer table. I had some plywood left over, so I added a small shelf like section so that I can rest my feet on it while stretching my legs during those long sessions at the keyboard. I am using it right now.

Tomorrow I expect the same weather outside. If it does let off, and clear up, I want to sneak over to one of the hiking trails in Fort Langley to photograph any of the crocuses that maybe sprouting up. They should have been out two weeks ago, but this weather had just been rotten for them. Fingers crossed.

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