The Tail of the Cautious Crocus

It is now a sure bet that spring is here. The first batch of crocuses sprang up from the forest floor today, just a couple of days after the last bit of the ice and snow melted away. This year they seem to be late due to a prolonged cold snap that gave us an early March snow storm, followed by the infamous weather system known as the Pineapple Express from which we were jolted into unseasonally warm weather afterwords. The flowers are two weeks late compared to last year, but better late than never. So without further ado, here are photos of the first sprouts of crocus flowers I recorded here at my place for 2014.

Crocus 01 March 09 2014 Weblog Image

Only three different types popped up so far this year. Usually I can see about five different colour types.

Crocus 02 March 09 2014 Weblog Image

These yellow ones are rarest, counting only two that I could find.

Crocus 03 March 09 2014 Weblog Image

These light blue ones are most common, and out number all the other crocuses by the hundreds.

I am so happy to see these little guys, marking the fist sign into the spring season, that I am thinking that I might start taking off the storm windows and sun-roof cover. I can certainly smell spring in the air. Heck, the bird are out in full force, chirping away like mad–but no bees yet.

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