Fort Langley Does X-mas in March: Fliming Kid Shows

The main road through Fort Langley, BC is temporarily blocked for the next few days so that a filming company can do their shooting for a kids show, called something, like, “Hunting for Santa Claus (sic).” The West side of Glover Road, and a small section of Glover Road and Mary Street have set props, like fake snow, X-mas trees, and decorations scattered about. The community Hall is decorated too; its front lawn is completely covered in white foam to act like snow, making it look like we are transported back to mid December, and all that winter excitement, while enjoying the March sunshine.

Fort Langley Filming March 11 2014 Weblog Image 02

None of the shops, and businesses are shut down at this time, so people just have to mind the set and filming crew members as they do their work. Parking was a bit of a hassle, but if you are patient, you will find a spot.

Fort Langley Filming March 11 2014 Weblog Image 03

There were a lot people with their camera, myself included, taking shots of the activities here in town. There was even another filming crew down over on Church Street too, just North on Mavis Avenue, so the town was quite busy today.

Fort Langley Filming March 11 2014 Weblog Image 04

‘Tis the season to be jolly…, here in Fort Langley, BC. 🙂

2 Thoughts on “Fort Langley Does X-mas in March: Fliming Kid Shows

  1. Shocker but it’s me — your old neighbour/friend. Email me if you want but hey I certainly understand if you don’t want to after all this time. My other email is defunct and this one is my name and my regular email.

    Nice post — I remember living in Fort Langley and walking to the shops in July and seeing “snow” all over. I’m glad the movie people still film here.

  2. Whoa! Long time no text. I thought you left town to join a religious cult that shunned all technology and outside communication to the outside world?

    Good to know you are about and OKay, Sheri. To bad about your email. I did email you a couple of times since.

    Yes, the Fort has started to change since you left town. Three new building projects well under way, and loads of new people moving into the town; soon it will look and feel totally different. But, everyone here seems to be OKay with that.

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