The Frogs are Back

Another sure sign that spring is in the air are the nightly croaking sounds of the frogs in the near by meadow. Sounds great, but they are loud, and last night, they kept me up until 2:00am. But who am I to complain, it is spring, or close to it, right?

Field of Crocuses in Fort Langley BC March 12 2014 Weblog Image

One other sign that spring is upon us are the flies, or more specifically, the tiny ones that bite. They are back, with a vengeance, entering my home each time I open and close the front door. I have resort to keeping my porch light off now becuase they like fly around the light when it is on.

I seen a robin. I am on high alert with these bad boys from last year’s experience when a family took up residence on my patio. I will not let that happen again. If I think they are choosing a near by location to nest, I will relocate them as soon as possible. The nest last year was built literately 1 metre from my front door, and every moment of the day (Sun up to Sun down) they would attack my windows, thinking that they were defending other robins in their territory. Not to mention the bird pooh they left everywhere.

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Robin, Robin, up in the Sky


In all, I am happy; happy that it is warming up; happy that the days are getting longer; happy that soon we can all start are outdoor routines.

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