Yummy Sprouts!

Lately I have been enjoying new food experiences, buying new types of food that I normally do not eat, and exploring new types of cooking methods, like baking and microwaving. Normally I cook using pots and pans, either boiling or frying my foods, but I decided to explore cooking my traditional meals through baking and broiling, and using my microwave oven more often. In that process, I found some vegetables that I normally do not like, very tasty, in fact–down right addictive. One such veggie, in my newly found palate preference, is the tiny Brussels sprout.

Brussels Sprouts and Carrots for dinner March 14 2014 - Weblog Image

I so far like them boiled, but have been told that there are other cooking methods, like frying them, is just as good. I just tried them with a mix of carrots and broccoli, and the taste does not seem to be impeded with the other veggies through boiling. I was also told by my friend, on Twitter, that cutting them in halves, and cooking them with bacon in a frying pan, is a way of cooking and preparing them too. I will have to try that.

I have been cooking lentils too, using the boiling method, but just recently tried them in a frying pan. Surprisingly these little guys are really tasty too. Lentils are so cheap, that I am surprised not more people are eating them that I know of.  I prefer the green and brown ones over the yellow or orange, as each colour seems to have a slightly different cooking method.

I guess braking with old habits and traditions, and exploring new ideas and trying new foods, is the only of exploring newly undiscovered taste experiences.

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