The Winding Road of North Abbotsford, BC

I ventured out through North Abbotsford today, on my home from Mission, BC, after a meet up with some friends at a Criminology seminar (co-opp through Correction Canada). It was a great day, lots of Sun, clear skies, and almost no traffic travelling through the back roads along the Fraser River. When I got to River Road, I stopped off at Duncan Bar, the most Easterly section of the Metro Vancouver parks in Glen Valley to take in the pre-spring day, and do a little shooting.

Winding Road in Abbotsford BC March 17 2014 Weblog Image

This shot is the start of Bradner Road, looking South from River Road, just past the railway tracks.

When I arrived at Duncan Bar, I noticed a black Ferrari fowling me. I was thinking this guy must be nuts taking a car, with such a low profile, through these backs roads, but if you got money, then repairing the car will not be that much of big deal. Of all the types of vehicles to see around there?

Fraser River March 17 2014 Weblog Image

I could not resist the wide angle shots with my 16-50mm lens. I am shooting towards Silvermere Lake in this shot, just on the other side of the river, and that is Crescent Island just to the left along the horizon.

If you like old cars, just behind me, along the River in this shot, are thousands of old cars buried in ground. I guess they were put there a filler when they made the road, and levy to prevent washouts from the annual floods that happen during the early summer months. There are some spots that are exposed and you can see pieces of grill, and doorhandles, and rusted out fenders from cars probably dating back to the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.

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