You Don’t Get to Choose

As a renter, you do not get to choose who your neighbours are. They come and go, as they do in my circumstances, and some I have known, and kept in touch with after we parted our temporary addresses, while most neighbours, I keep to my side of the fence, and hope that there will be no bad outcomes during our time in close proximity. This week I had dealt with a couple of events that reviled way too much about my neighbour who we share a mailing address with. Well, actually, I use my Post Office Box becuase I never trust a land lord, or stranger, to my personal Post. I had the Shaw Cable guy, and a collection person, (a bailiff) trying to collect money owed by my neighbour, but both these people had my address written on their documents instead of my neighbour’s. Talk about confusion!

The cable guy was really good, as he was first trying to make contact with the people of whom he was performing the disconnect notices with. He knocked on my door and told me that he was cutting the cable “due to non-payment.” I told him that he had the right address, but wrong name. So, I showed him my cable bill, proof that I was not in arrears, and that I was the true occupant to this address. He was very puzzled because my neighbour had put an entirely different address on his door, and had other notices like, “working night shift, do not disturb,” when there was no one home during the day. It was not until I phoned my land lord that he told me who the delinquent bill belong to, it was the other tenant. The cable guy drove across the road and disconnected the cable there.

The next morning I was greeted with a collection person, with the word, “Bailiff” written on his jacket, right before I was leaving. Again, like with the cable guy, I told him that my neighbour was using my address instead of his, probably trying to stall the collection precess. However, this guy was not leaving so quickly. It took another call to my land lord, and threats that I would phone the police if he did not leave becuase he was blocking my driveway. Before he drove off, he left me with the copy of the “Collection Notice,” just in case I was the debtor he was after. So with that document, I had everything I needed to know about who my neighbour is, and what he is up to. Scary, really, when you think about identity theft and all that, I had this guy’s life story in my hand.

Late Saturday I had a meeting with my land lord to discuss about what we were going to do about my forgery committing, debt ridden neighbour. We decided not to do anything, but leave his “house of cards” to fall in on himself. As long as I have my land lord on my side, and undeniable documentation that I am the lone occupant of my side of the street, then there is not too much that can be done instead of wasting energy trying to set things right.

I feel somewhat sorry for this person because he does have his family, and I can only image how hard this must be on his children. The amount of debt he owes is substantial, and I would be extremely worried if I were in his shoes. But I think, in retrospect, he probably represents ten of thousands of Canadians who are struggling in this economic down turn that we have being enduring for nearly half a decade now.


It appears that my next door neighbour has done a midnight move. This morning (March 17, 2014) the home was vacated. Garbage throughout the yard, windows left open, and a camper on its side, were all that was left. Problem solved, for my land lord.

4 Thoughts on “You Don’t Get to Choose

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  2. Yes many of us are struggling with debt but we don’t commit fraud lol. That neighbour sounds worse that the ones we had at the old place. You did the right thing by communicating with your landlord and good for you to be so organized in having your (paid) cable bill ready to show.

  3. I like the term, “knowledge equals power.”

    This guy was not very bright, and he believed that he could manipulate the world around him through intimidation and violence.

    I feel so sorry for his wife, and more so for his children.

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