The Last Day of Winter :)

Finally! The last day of winter has arrived! I am already getting ready for summer; did a little shopping spree for some home improvements, preparing myself for those anticipated lazy days of summer to come.

On my way to down town Langley City, I seen this really dark cloud slowly hovering over towards my place. I had my camera with me, so I pulled over on 88th Avenue, by the Fort Langley Airport, to shoot it. It was a nasty little storm cloud, as it hit the hill over by my place, it just started dumping a lot of rain, and blowing a lot of wind. When I got home, I had freshly broken branches strewn all over my lawn.

Storm Cloud Over Fort Langley BC March 19 2014 Weblog Image

During the afternoon I noticed that the crocuses were starting to wither away. Another sure sign that winter is leaving us. Sad to see these guys go like this. But this means that all of the other flowers will start popping up in the flowerbed very soon.

The Last Days of the Crocus March 19 2014 Weblog Image

So, yes, I bought some paint, and lumber, to start work on my patio. I also bought a power washer for cleaning off the side walks and other hard to scrape off moss and dirt. This weekend is going to be a busy one. Cannot wait!

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