It is About Time: Spring Time At Last!

First, I need to make a correction. Spring actually started at 9:57am this morning here on the West Coast of British Columbia today, not at 9:57pm, like I said before in my Tweets and my last post. OKay, now that that is clear up, yes, it is spring today, and I am frick’n’ happy about that.

Srping Time March 20 2014 Weblog Image 01

It is so nice to see the Sun so high in the sky again.

Today is also know as the Vernal Equinox. The official times that springs starts is based on when the Sun crosses the equator, from the Southern hemisphere over to the Northern hemisphere. After today, our nights will become shorter, and our days become longer. Things should start to warm up around here.

Regarding the rest of Canada: it does not look too good for most places further East from Southern British Columbia. Many cities and regions, especially in Ontario (and further East), were hit with more snow and freezing temperatures today, and they are looking forward to more of the same for the remainder of the week. Winter’s grip has not quite let go yet for most of Canada.

Srping Time March 20 2014 Weblog Image 02

I guess this is why I settled here in the Fraser valley: a lot warmer than the rest of Canada during the winter months.

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