Those Old Fashion Mail Boxes

I am just amazed that after years of non use, people are not dismantling their old mail boxes in the rural areas of Langley Township, British Columbia. I was walking around my street this afternoon when I seen a home-owner actually fixing his old mail box up after it was hit by a car, from weeks ago. I thought about this for a while because our door-to-door postal service was discontinued years ago when Canada Post switched to Community Group Boxes, where property owners were given a key to a centralized pick-up location instead. I like these old mail boxes becuase I think they are iconic to the rural identity, and seem to promote a sense of community and personal identity of the homesteads and farms that make up most of the landmass of this area. Of course, not to mention the uniqueness and creative expressions that each mail box has, they are fun to look at while driving along country side.

Degeneration of Postal Service in Rural Langley Township BC March 23 2014 Weblog Image

In this photo you can see the old mail boxes, and then at the end of the row, the current Canada Post Community Mail Box that the local residences’ now use.

According to my former landlord, his old mail box is still in use becuase he receives a daily newspaper in it, and that is where the paper carrier agreed to put for him. He still drives up to it, every day, to claim his news paper.

I asked him about security, and the possibility of having someone else take item from inside of his old mailbox, and he replied, “believe it or not, after nearly 40 years of use, I never had anyone take anything from it.”

Perhaps when you throw a lock on a box, it becomes so tempting for someone that they just have to open it and take the contents out of it?

Funny mailboxes are everywhere. I do not have photos, but I have seen them made from toasters, engine blocks, plastic buckets, washing machine parts, lawnmower covers, lunch boxes, and so on. Some are very nice, while other’s are not. Most mail boxes today are beaten flat, or rusting away, but some are still being maintained. Some homeworkers have converted them to over to be used as a street number infielder, which I think is a really great idea for keeping them up along side of the roads.

For me, old fashioned mailboxes are the iconic symbol of the rural landscape here in Langley Township. A time when the country was healthy and full of vigour; everyone respected their neighbours and trust was constant that made the stand-along mail boxes part of the country side. They offered a place to put a Canadian Flag on, to show patriotism, or show owner’s personality type through creativeness and uniqueness in colour and design, but they make a point about that home-owner.

Good on you, to that guy fixing his old mail box up, awesome!

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