Wild Easter Daffodils By West Creek

I had been driving past these flowers for the better part of a week now along 84th Avenue, literally the very first batch of outside wild easter daffodils  that I have seen growing. Sure, there are the ones in the planters in Fort Langley, BC, but those were transplants from one of the local flower nurseries, so they really do not count as far as the straight out from the ground ones do. I have several patches of them growing at my place, but they have not opened their flowers yet. So, here is a photo of those wild daffodils taken this afternoon.

Wild Easter Daffodils By West Creek in Glen Valley - Fort Langley BC March 23 2014 Weblog Image Image

The bugs had already chewed at most of the flowers, but they still looked awesome in the noon time Sun! I posted a larger version of this image on my Twitter Account @thomass01 .

These ones are just growing along 84 Avenue, right beside the Alder Acres Farm by West Creek, just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from my place. I took a walk, specifically just to go and shoot these ones when the light was good.

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  1. 😉 I just want to hello.

  2. Awesome – you found my blog! I am looking forward to seeing your comments in the future!

    I will try and call you soon.

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