The Wireframe Modifier in Blender 2.70

This is just a quick post on the newly released Blender 2.70 that just came out, and one of its new features is called the Wireframe Modifier. Some of these new additions are so new that everyone who uses Blender are still playing/experimenting with them, and new tutorials are needed to be uploaded, to let the world know about them. I was not even sure if this new modifier was going to work with a sculpture that I created using dynamic topology, so this was a true shot in the dark. Using a sculpture I stared just yesterday, (very incomplete one I should point out) I added the modifier just as a test, and was instantly impressed.

And Yet Another Sculpter - Wireframe Modifier March 24 2014 Weblog Image

All this modifier does is create a wire mesh over top of existing objects, more or less. Creating this effect shows topology of the object. So if you have a smooth round object, then the wire frame modifier will create the new mesh over top of the surface after you render it. It will show the viewer in the same way you see a set of blueprints, or real life model in its prototype stage.

I have to say this effect looks really cool

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