Time Is Precious, But That Is a Bad Thing When Given Too Much

I am glad that it is Friday. What a week it has been for me. On top of being really slow, work wise, my domestic life has been equally slow as well, and when you are stuck at home, things just have a way compounding themselves into epic crises that otherwise are just trivial problems that should normally sort themselves out if left alone. First, the well, or more precisely, the new well that should be in the process of being drilled so we can nice fresh drinkable water from out of our taps again. Second, the my nasty former next door neighbour, who I thought had left for good, but keeps coming back, freaking me out as he shows up at the darnedest times. And last, it seems that when you are at home, with free time, friends seem to target you, looking for someone to talk to while they sit at home admits their non-productive day. Anyway, I went out today, in the rain, and did some speed light (wireless flash) shooting with my weatherproof camera, (Sony A77) and experimented with that for a while. Here is a shot of a daffodil, taken with the speed light, held in my hand.

Daffodils 06 Weblog Image March 28 2014I shot this in manual mode, using the flash sync setting (1/250) to fire a remote speed light I had sitting on the ground. Today was fairly dark out, with thick dark clouds, so I had to use a flash, or use a very slow shutter speed to get the shot in this light. It was also raining out, so having a weather proof camera is a must here in British Columbia, Canada.

Out here in the county most places have their own wells for drinking water. A couple of months ago our water was tested, and it was discovered that we could not drink it due to E. Coli levels were way too high. So I have been buying my water ever since. This week, we were supposed to have a well drilling rig come in, to dig another well, but the scheduling keeps getting postponed. Now it seems we may have to wait another month, as the original location was found unfit to drill in. A new site has to be prepared, and that means a new road, electricity, and plumbing has to be installed before they can start.

All this was not a big deal for me, as I am quite comfortable with buying my own water until then, but for a whole week I have been parking my vehicle away from my house, and making sure that the driveway is not blocked for the drilling rig to enter. On top of this, I asked my visitors not to park in the driveway, but park further on down the road, causing confusion, because they did not know how far to down the road to park. This pissed a few people who had to manoeuvre around them on the main road to get to where they were going. I am glad that this is over, for now.

You may remember from my post back on March 17, called “You Don’t Get to Choose” from just over a week ago, when I blogged about the arrogant neighbour I had that pulled a midnight move, and stiffed my landlord over two months of rent? Well he has come back to haunt us yet again. He has not fully left, yet becuase most of their belongings are still there inside the house. It was around eleven o’clock when he pulled into my driveway, and then walked back to his place, for some reason. When I walked outside to see what he wanted, he stood at the end of my driveway, looking back at his house, making me wonder what was going on. After standing their for ten minutes, he got back into his car and left. The next day I found out that my landlord had changed the locks, thinking that deadbeat tenant was gone for good. Anyway, they got inside the house that night, so I had to listen to the noise of them moving their stuff inside a moving van until one o’clock in the morning. I guess they are moving stuff out of the house up until the very end of the month, so they did not just up–and pulled stakes after all.

Okay, the economy in Canada is slowing down fast. Yes, it is getting slow here in the Vancouver area as far as work, and business goes. I am seeing this first hand. I just have to look at how much work I am getting right at the moment, to judge all of this and see. But my problem is not the slowdown, but with spending more time at home, and having co-workers, and friends, visiting becuase they are also plagued with too much time on their hands too. Sure, I enjoy their company, but only for short stints at a time.

I have a massive list of projects that I want to start and finish around the house, as soon as possible. And with the unpredictability of having to jump back into work, this free time is precious to me. When co-worker friends come over to visit, they just do not sit and chat for a half hour–then leave, they stay for hours, and promise to pop back again the following day–and never leave. So I had to put a stop to two such co-worker friends, and lay down the law with them. It was harsh for them, but it had to be done–for my sake.

Well, the weekend is upon us, and I am already looking forward to Monday, hoping that everything will go back to normal. But something tells that it will not, or will not be. At least spring is here!

2 Thoughts on “Time Is Precious, But That Is a Bad Thing When Given Too Much

  1. People need to have goals and not just hang out all day! My workload is way way down too as a freelancer, but that made me take on extra projects to help make up for that. Of course, I’m an introvert though to be fair but still co-workers shouldn’t expect to hang out at your place all day just because you’d work together all day! 🙄

  2. Actually, what’s really funny (well sad at the same time) is that one of those co-workers that I had scold to stop visiting here every day, had just gone through a nasty breakup with his wife–yesterday (March 29). You gust it–it was over money, or more precisely, him being the only wage earner of the house, so she had to let him go, and left him. Unbelievable couple.

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