Is Earth Hour Passé Now Where I Live?

Long before the clock turned 8:30pm, I had my lights, and other non essential electrical devices turned off, waiting for the symbolic moment called Earth Hour to start. And long afterwords, up until 11:00pm, I only turned on my laptop and desk lamp to complete the challenge, just to see the results of how well we did in my neck of the woods (Fort Langley, BC), and write this post. It appeared, according to the CBCnews website, that we did poorly, by not even substantially registering a drop in electrical usage over all, and being  beat out by the fine folks who live on Vancouver Island who showed the greatest drop in British Columbia.

Thomasso Doing Earth Hour - March 29 2014 Weblog Image

Unlike last year when we showed a good sizeable drop in electrical usage overall, comparing to today’s results, we must have fell asleep at the wheel, and just went on as we normally do on a Saturday night. I think it had everything to do awareness becuase I only heard of a few mentions from the media about Earth Hour leading up to it, as compared to last year. People forget, and need reminding, especially anniversaries.

For part of the night I sat outside underneath my awning, reading by candlelight and by a battery power lamp.  If it were not for the rain and wind, I would have stayed out longer, but I managed to leave as much as I could switched off for most of the evening despite the temptation to want to watch the television and serf the net on my PC by 9:00pm.

Maybe next year we will get our act together and set records for Earth Hour across the country.

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