Me, Laundry, and Mother Nature

When you live in a very wet place, doing laundry with a clothesline is a very hit-and-miss chore on your laundry days. Here in Fort Langley, BC we have very wet and overcast days throughout the year, and when you do not own a working clothes dryer, hanging laundry outside is a game of chance. You have to use weather reports, local observations and gut-feelings as your guide as to whether or not you want to hang some clothes outside on the line. The alternative is my indoor clothes rack which is place over the bathtub, so the clothes can dry in the bathroom. The bathtub method takes twice as long as the outside method.

Laundry out in Nature March 30 2014 Weblog Image

When we do get nice weather, hanging the clothes out is the best method of all, even when I had my clothes dryer working. That outside smell, and the way clothes feel after they have hung for a day outside, is so refreshing. The clothes line is the way to go, and cost less to use than the electric dryer.

The reason my electric clothes dryer is not working is becuase I do not have the correct electrical outlet for it to plug into. I own a super nice dryer, but it is a 30 amp plug, and my landlord is not to keen on installing one for me at the moment. So it is me and nature to take care of drying my clothes, and Mother Nature has her own schedule on when I can dry my clothes, or do them inside over the bathtub. Right now, today, she is not being very cooperative with me, it seems I am using the bathtub method.

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