Some LIke It Hot, Others Just Like It

It got up to a comfy 15C today, with just the right amount of breeze, mixed in with the just right amount of shade, and lots of glorious sunshine, from morning until dawn. Today was the perfect spring day. And to top it all up: we have this until Wednesday! The birds and bees are racing full speed now!

Happy Bee in Fort Langley March 31 2014 Weblog Image

Yes, even the bees were seen out, working their butts off, taking advantage of this awesome weather. The above shot was taken at the apples trees beside the Post Office in Fort Langley, BC this afternoon. I did not see the bees until I got right up close to the trees when I went collected my security camera I bought on E(vil)bay. When I started getting in close to take some macro shots of the blossoms, then I noticed the bees. I never got stung, but I was able to get right in and shoot them while they hovered around the flowers. Got some good shots too.

About that security camera system I ordered from E(vil)bay. My landlord made a deal with me, regarding getting more security for the farm, in that he would buy them, one set for me, and one for him, as long I did the purchasing and general set-up. So I got a really good deal from the company down in New Jersey, USA.  So I got us each a four channel camera set-up for under $200.00 because the company was having a fifty percent off sale. I could not beat that! Soon I will have video surveillance all around me. Yes, 1984-scary, but with all of the drama around here, it is sadly needed.

So, yes, we got to a raging 15C today!

Temp for March 31 2014 in Fort Langley BC Weblog Image

Even after 10:00pm, it is still warm out–comparing to just getting over with winter. But, hey, I will take anything that is over 10C, so I am not complaining.

Apple Tree Blossoms March 31 2014 Twitter ImageClick the thumbnail to make bigger – and see if you find the bee.

Just a little fun game for you. In each of these apple blossom shots, there is a single bee. See if you can find the bee in the above image. The image at the very top of this post is a dead-give-away (the hovering bee), but this bottom one is a though one that bee is hidden very well, and he is right under your nose. Happy hunting.

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