Stopping for a Tree Shoot. Get it?

I just had to pull over this morning to shoot some of the trees that grow long the roadside leading up to my place. The dominant colours of green, white and pink, are just out of this world. It is like you are in another world; everywhere you look the landscape changes, but for only a week, then thing go back to normal.

Tree Blossoms April 06 2014 01 Weblog Image

I think that there are only a couple days left before the cherry tree lose their blossoms, so I may take a road trip as soon as I can once the weather clears up. We are supposed to be getting some super hot, and clear, weather starting this coming Wednesday.

Tree Blossoms April 06 2014 02 Weblog Image

Until then, I will just have to be content with what I shoot on my my back and forth from town, whenever the Sun pops through the clouds. Timing and conditions are everything for getting that super photograph.

2 Thoughts on “Stopping for a Tree Shoot. Get it?

  1. Love these magnolia shots! Saw white blooms on Monday just outside of Granville Island entrance, but didn’t think to take a photo.

  2. Thank you Suzette, now I know what these trees are called. LOL

    I hope you had a good time while you were in Vancouver. It must have been a great break for you.

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