Waterlogged Flower Images

I decided to venture outside, during the period of light rain between the heavy rainy periods, to do some shooting out in the stretch of forest behind my place. It was dark, heavily clouded over, so I took my speedlight with me, and a reflector. Today, most of the new flowers that have bloomed are white, so it was extra tricky shooting them with a flash. So I shot in manual mode, and took along my tripod to set the flash on it, to keep the light a good distance away, not over blowing the shot with too much light.

White Flower - April 05 2014 Weblog Image

I found that if I just hold the flash at arms length, the light is way to powerful to get good exposure, plus it is tricky setting the adjustments only with just one hand on the camera. The tripod was the life saver, allowing me to keep the light a good distance away, even while shooting TTL in wireless flash mode. But I really needed the flash for this day!

White Flowers - April 05 2014 Weblog Image

I was going to shoot more, but the rain kicked in hard, and even with weather proof gear, I had to retreat and run back inside–I am not waterproof. LOL!

These shots were taken with a 30mm macro lens, one of my favourite lenses because of the 6mm focusing distance, and 1:1 ratio. Surprisingly this is also one of my cheapest lenses, costly less than $200.00 for it. I kept all these shots at ISO 100, and F2.8, just adjusting the shutter for my exposure with the speedlight.

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