An Interesting Product: Great Marketing!

First off, I do not normally endorse commercials, or products here on my website, but this is an exception to the rule, only becuase I howled my guts all over the floor from laughing so much as this brilliant piece of marketing played out during a commercial break. Yes, I watched it again, just to follow though with all of the one liners that the blond British beauty spewed out while talking potty on her thrown. A very interesting product, and I wondered if this was just made up to create the content of this witty video?

PooPouri does exist, and is sold on Amazon.

I was watching a online documentary on Asteroids from the American Geological Magazine, when this commercial break popped up on my monitor. I was caught off guard as this classy, well dressed woman opens a bathroom stall door, only to stay: “You would not believe the mother load I just dropped.” I just stared, with my jaw on the keyboard, as the video moved from a barnyard, to an office, and a field of yellow flowers, all the while, the women is sitting on the same toilet.

Here, watch for yourself!

It is not hard to believe that this video has been viewed over 25.5 million times.

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