Cherry Blossoms, Rhodo–watch-a-meh-call-its and Graffiti

It was just another stroll down the little board-walk in Fort Langley’s Marina Park, shooting whatever grabbed my attention. With some fresh new graffiti, and trees and bushes blossoming their flowers, that place was a treat to photograph today. And as a added bonus, there was no one around when I was shooting–it was awesome!

Out on the Boardwalk - Fort Langley BC April 8 2014 Weblog Image

The graffiti reads, “This is a place that makes you realize how tiny your problems are.”

I should confess that Fort Langley really does not have a board-walk, but just a bunch of wooden look-outs that people can stand in that over look the Fraser River. The section that I was on has a wheelchair ramp, and sort of resembles a board-walk.

Cherry Tree Blossoms April 8 2014 Fort Langley BC - Weblog Images

I just had to stop and shoot this cherry tree. With the clear blue sky, and incredibly bright sunshine, this was a magical moment for shooting with the wide angle lens. I was using my Sony DT 2.8/16-20 SSM lens along with my Sony A77. This is one my favourite street photography lenses.

Rhododendrons in Fort Langley BC April 8 2014 Weblog Image

And surprisingly, this rhododendron bush has its flowers in full bloom. The ones at my place are just starting to form their buds, probably due to being more in the shade than these ones at the park. They will bloom–soon. And I will be there, camera in hand ready to shoot them. Bwaahahahahahah :evil:

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