The Flower Bed to Rest

Well, I lost the flowerbed with all of the daffodils for the fence. It had to go, as my landlord decided that the fence should move several metres more towards the turn around section of the driveway to accommodate a gate. The result is the lost of all the daffodils that are on the property, and a number of other flowers that were also planted in that bed. The flowerbed was grown around a huge maple tree, so there were not to many options for the fence in relation to the field, to the edge of the property, and the driveway. The fence is part of a section that will be used to keep sheep in it, so I am sure they will eat the bushes when they grow again next year.

Farewell yellow daffodils!

daffodils - April 10 2014 Weblog Image

There were about sixty daffodil plants growing in this bed. Most of the workers picked them for their wives before they shovelled them up, but I managed to scavenged a handful for myself. I picked them from the pile of earth that they laid in after the fence line was made, and then I trimmed them up a bit at the stems. I put them in a glass, and shot a few photos. By tomorrow, I’m sure, all of them will have started to wilt.

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