Why Life at Home is Chaotic Right Now: Drill, Pound, Bang!

Humm, maybe chaotic is not the right word? Perhaps noisy and full of inconveniences, but it is for a great cause–right? There is a well drilling rig parked at the and of my driveway, and this is day two now that is has been drilling away, digging deeper, and deeper into the Earth in search for water. Then there is the new fence that my land lord is erecting around me. He has hired a couple of full-time guys, and a construction crew to build it, and improve a building nearby. Parking, noise, and privacy, all roll up into the next couple of days of sitting in my living room watching all of this unfold outside.

Well Drilling Rig April 9 2014 Weblog Image

The well drilling rig is incredibly nosy. The trucks that service it usually start arriving around quarter to eight in the morning and do not leave until well past four in the afternoon. I guess their goal of finishing off the well was two days, but that does not seem to be the case now. The rig itself is less than twenty metres from my home, so I might as well be parked right beside it. Even the ground shakes when they are pounding in the pipe. I keep saying to myself it is all for a good cause–to have fresh drinking water again.

The old well was tested back in December and it was found to have high concentration levels of E.coli. So when I my landlord got the results, he gave me a water cooler, with an 18 litre jug of water, and knocked a $100.00 off from my rent until the new well is completed. You cannot place a value on clean drinking water.

As for the fence, well, this is after all a farm, and on a farm, you have animals, and plants, and of course, the farmer. (I was going to say E.I., E.I., Owe, but thought that that was way too tacky.) They use a pile driver for the fence posts, and that makes a lot of noise when they pound away on each post. That should be done, hopefully by tomorrow–fingers crossed.

As for having strangers around my house during the day, well, that is un-nerving knowing people that they are working right beside my bedroom window. Yesterday I had three trucks parked in my driveway, so I had to park along the road until they left. Not a big deal, but first thing in the morning they grumble when I have to tell them that they must let me out. And on and on it goes.

Train and Dump truck Collision.

Also today, around lunch time, I seen the aftermath of a collision between a train and dump truck, right at Armstrong Road on 88 Ave by the Fort Langley Airport. They were still getting the driver out from the tuck when I first drove by. On my home, they had him out on the stretcher, awaiting a helicopter to take him to Vancouver. His truck was a mess! This is at least the sixth train accident that I know of since I have lived here in Fort Langley. So far the driver is still alive, but not in good shape.

One Thought on “Why Life at Home is Chaotic Right Now: Drill, Pound, Bang!

  1. That’s too bad about the noise and strangers around there, but wow, what beautiful treed property though. 🙂

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