It is Realy an Artesian Well!

I would not have believed it if it were not for seeing it. It is a gusher. My landlord is super happy about the results, and I am sure the rest of users are too; I know I am. The well was completed last night, but was not officially capped until this morning. When I got home around noon today, all there was sticking out from the ground was the metal pipe with water spewing out from it.

Artesian Well in Fort Langley BC April 11 2014 Weblog Image

According to my landlord, the rate of water is close to 90 Imperial Gallons, or 280 litres per minute.

I am not sure on the timetable of when the water will start flowing through our taps, but for now, I could fill up on water from here. I do not know if there is a time limit before you can start drinking this water, so I will wait and see. But for now, this is a sight to behold!

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