It was a Good Weekend, but Not the One I Planned

When I took this shot, I was sitting on my lawn chair down by the lower section of the back field from my house. This was the very last spot where the Sun shines through the trees before the evening takes holds and darkness rule the rest of the day. The air was warm, and it was very quiet; almost the perfect end to a great weekend.

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The whole weekend was not all rest and relaxation. I was called in to visit an old client that I did a server installation about two years ago because they feared that they might have being victims to the Heartbleed Bug that has been plaguing servers around the world who use OpenSSL as part of their security. Sure enough, they were using it, but their system was so bug ridden, that I told them they might as well reinstall the OS, and work off of their back-up data once all of the fixes were done. When I opened the servers up, I was shocked/breath-taken at what I saw. They completely gutted everything that I stalled back then, and now everything was a disaster. Sadly, becuase they were now using the archaic MS WIN2003 Server Software (becuase they broke the newer version I installed), they were now looking at a bill of about three thousand bucks to do a minimum upgrade. So I packed up and left, leaving them in the lurch with a broken server–they did not have the cash on hand to buy the licences. I was looking at a whole day to fix everything, adn they were not prepared to hire me for that.

When I got back home, more calls from businesses asking for help, asking to see if I was available for emergency calls. I switched on my answering machine, and did yard work instead for the rest of the day. I wanted to go camping, but time had run out with all of the fiddling around on Saturday, so I decided to stay home. I was not going to waste a great weekend on being stuck in server rooms while the Sun was blasting outside, so yard work it was.

I bought a gas power lawn trimmer. Up until now, I was using an electric one. It was good, but it was useless with thick weeds, and my range was quite limited with my extension cored. Having the ability now to move freely around the yard was an instant boon with me, and even my back was better as compared to having to dragging the power cord with me. But having the torque and high RMPs was the ultimate advantage. My goal this year is to make sure that every blade of grass is kept cut so that NO mosquitoes have no were to live near my home.

Well anyway, there is a few more hours left for this weekend, so I am going to enjoy them!

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