20,000 Tweets Says Me

By the time I post this, my twitter feed will mark this post as my twenty thousandth tweet as @thomasso01. A mile stone, a social networking obsessed geek, whatever your opinion, Twitter has severed it purpose for the greater good above all other social networking services that I use. Expect more tweets, for a very long time! LOL

20 000 twitter tweets April 15 2014 thomasso com

I first jumped on Twitter way back in July, 2008 while attending a WordPress Boot Camp in Langley City, BC, back when I was at the peak of my blogging performance. At the time I had several websites that I was running, including three personal sites that I was trying to monetize. I was super busy back then, going to university, working full time, knee-deep in some of the greatest moments of my personal life–how did I manage it all? So Twitter was just one of those “hey you need to try this” fads. I had no idea how much it would eventually take hold of my life.

So, when I press the “Publish” button, it will mark 20,000 tweets! Here it goes….


Screenshot from 2014-04-15 - Weblog Image

A Screen Shot of my Twitter feed taken from the GUI  – TweetDeck, just as I tweeted this post.

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