The Mower of Dandelions

Overnight the green field by my home turned a sea of dotted yellow, marking the rein of the dandelion in, the last sure sign that spring has taken hold, and summer is closing in. I got the go-ahead from my landlord to level the playing field with the lawnmower before the rain sets in today. But I wanted to shoot a bunch of shots of the dandelions before the mow becuase they seem extra thick this year. They are growing everywhere, even in places no one wants them to, or least expects.

Dandelions - April 15 2014 Weblog Image

Back on Saturday, I found patched of dandelions growing on a roof of a barn that was in various stages of decay. There was this one section of roof that was flat, and had a tar-and-gravel layer on it, and the dandelions just seem to love this surface for growing on.

Dandelion - April 13 2014 Weblog Image

Soon they will change to white balls of seed pods, and sail away with the wind, spreading themselves to invade other far off lands. Bye-bye dandelions as I mow them over.

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