A Little Upgrade Here, and a Little There, There is So Much Going On!

From finally getting to my P.C., the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Upgrade, and fixing a couple of issues with my personal network at home, and the upgrade from WordPress to 3.9, I think I will have a completely new computing environment by the end of this weekend! The WordPress upgrade just happened a few minutes ago, so that just added to stretch of labour that I put in already today on my machines. The OS upgrade was really only from the Ubuntu 12.04, up to the 14.04 because I am sticking to the long term releases for my home equipment. So this was the first upgrade in two years on my PC. I am tired of the bleeding edge OS, and SVN headaches, when I come home from a long day spent at someone else’s broken system. So far everything here seems to be working find.

Ubuntu 14 04 Screenshot from 2014-04-18 16:58:55 Weblog Image

I did a complete reinstall of my PC, as opposed to a initial upgrade. I wiped out my internal hard drive with a program called Gparted, and made sure that drive was completely clean before I installed back on to it. I had a couple of irritating bugs that were driving me up the wall, one of them was with FireFox, and Flash. For the last couple of weeks I could not run TweetDeck from off of that browser, due to flash and URL cache issues. The step up to 14.04 fixed all of that in one sweep. I am a much happier camper now. 🙂

There are still several programs and pieces of software that I still need to install, but I did the main ones to get me though for now. The installation was super fast this time around: in under 45 minutes–start to finish. I used a USB flash drive instead of installing from the web, or from a optical drive, and having a 6-core Pentium did not hurt either. Added all up, this was a huge time saver in performance, and caused far less headaches overall for a clean install.

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