How Do You Like Your Eggs?

I like mine done two minutes, hard-boiled, Blender Style. I am talking 3D eggs, not the real ones! Creating eggs was only coincidence during the long weekend where some organized religions do their thing with eggs, and other exotic rituals with rabbits and chocolates too. For me, this was a well deserved long weekend, and I will take any free time that comes along, even with the chocolates. But back to Blender, and rendering Blend files of eggs.

EGGS in 2 minutes Done Blender Style - April 21 2014 Weblog Image

I was practising using the proportional editing tool in Blender, and I was trying it out on UV Spheres. Within a few clicks, I created an almost perfect egg shape, and thought to myself how cool that was. Since so many people were posting eggs jokes, and colourful patterns and designs on them, over this past weekend, I thought why not post just a plain colourless render of my egg art work as well. The only limit to my creativity was adding in the odd egg into this scene, the little one in the foreground.

They sure do look real, eh?

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