Logging Time in the Studio

I have some studio work to do over the next couple of days. I will be doing some product ads for an on-line store, and then some portrait shots coming up tomorrow after that. The best part about my studio is that it is right over in my living, so the commute is awesome! Most of the work is volunteer work, as I want to add more shots to my portfolio, but the products shots are on a commissioned bases, so we will see how well this arrangement works for me.

I am posting some of the test shots from the ads set-up. The website’s main theme is not completely white, but a soft grey, so the owner did not want a completely white background in any of the shots. So I started off tweaking the white-balance on my camera to try and match the grey that they wanted. In the end I photo-edited the grey after wasting way too much time trying to set the white balance on my camera. Once I got the white-balance sorted out, my light meter was all over the map as I was reading anything form F22, down to F11, depending on which item I was shooting. I finished off with just two 300 watt-second strobes, using umbrella diffusers on them, and then continually adjusting the F-stop for each item being shot. This was a lot of work.

Colours of Pills - Weblog Image April 22 2014

For the background I used a semi-gloss poster-board, neutral white. One of the tricks I used to get the grey set just right was to set the strobes to their lowest power, and move them back about 2 metres. Then I adjusted the F-stop to ramp up the white-balance on the actual items. It worked!

Fork - Weblog Image April 22 2014

Yes, I even grabbed a fork from the kitchen to see if I could make the right adjustments for the grey background with chrome objects.

Thomasso Head Shot Weblog Image April 22 2014

My pencil was having a bit of a bad hair day. LOL This was one of the first sets of test shots that I did today just after setting up the studio. I was shooting with a 70mm Macro, with my Sony A77.

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