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I have hundreds of stinging nettles growing around my place. Most of them are growing along my driveway, and dealing with those was just a simple run through with the lawn trimmer, but I just noticed that they are also growing amongst the flowers in each flower bed, and getting to them can only be done by hand. I bought a pair of heavy fabric/rubber gloves, thinking that that would protect me from the itch, but after digging up few nettles for a few minutes I noticed that those little hypodermic needle like pins from the leaves can actually go right through the material onto my skin. I must be hyper sensitive to this plant?

Those Ichy Stinging Nettles - April 21 2014 Weblog Image

During the long weekend I took my lawn trimmer to mow down as many of these stinging nettles as I could along my driveway. Some of these plants were already a metre tall, reaching over the ditch onto the road. At the time I thought these were raspberry plants, but quickly realized what these were. Just cutting them up, wearing long-sleeves seater, faller’s hard hat (with face shield), high profile steel toe boots, and riding gloves, I was getting stung with the little chunks of leaves landing on my skin.

Unlike last year, the population of these itch causing plants has seemed to exponentially exploded in size, and growing area. I even have them sprouting up  along my doorstep and patio. Yes, even up through the steps going out to my patio.

Right now I am using long handle garden cutter to slowly weed out the nettles, one plant at a time. I have respect for these plants, but I will slowly weed them out back to the forest edge, but I pity the poor fool who goes romping through the bush in shorts.

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