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Today I installed the last of the cameras for my video CCTV surveillance system and DVR machine. A total of eight cameras are now in their locations, dotted along the various buildings here on the farm that I occupy. With the blessing of my landlord, both his home, and mine, will have two separate CCTV systems running together, watching pathways, doors, and driveways, 24/7. The purpose of setting up the video surveillance systems is to watch locations where thefts have occurred in the past, and to watch out for livestock, both intruders and escapees, from the adjoining farms.

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All of the cameras are outside, in plain view, and I have posted signs letting people know that there are CCTV cameras on the property. I am hoping that if people see the cameras that this should be more of a deterrent than by just posting signs that say private property alone. If people see the cameras, then that should play a huge psychological effect of when they are about to walk through the field after jumping the fence, making them think twice. Each camera is positioned in a key location at points of entry to buildings, like the shop, and the storage shed. I also have one camera aimed right where I park my SUV, and another aimed at the path that leads to the shop/barn.

It was a fair bit of work setting up and mounting the cameras on top of roofs and poles, but running the cable was the most tedious because I wanted to hide them so no one could see the lines and try and cut them.

We bought the cameras and DVRs, from off of E(vil)Bay for a really good price, from a US Store. The whole system was for under $300.00, close to $1000.00 up here in Canada. These were on sale, fifty percent off, so we got a good bargain. The cameras come with night-vision, and motion detection built into the hardware, plus we put 1TB hard-drives in each one for up to a month’s worth of video storage.

Already the cameras are paying off, the place is eerily quiet tonight. 🙂

Added: April 24, 2014

Screenshot from 2014-04-24 13:32:15

Keeping the parking lot under a watchful eye. This is an image from Camera #2, showing the driveway and back shop. I still have to position the camera a little bit more, but I am happy overall with the image quality of the video.

7 Thoughts on “My Personal Security Net: I C U

  1. a decent 4 camera system is on sale at London Drugs for 270.

  2. Hey Dan, I should point out that we bought two, four HD camera systems, for $135.00 each, which included harddrives (1TB ea), cable, and network ability, and inferred flood lights. I did not see any deals like this one at London Drugs (or anywhere in Canada), and when I checked with them, none of their packages had harddrives included.

    Like I said before, to get anything close to what I bought in the U.S., all I could find were prices of at least $450.00 per package here in Canada–not including taxes.

  3. when you want to buy something like electronics , check the factory direct website ,usually they have low prices.Here is their flyer:

  4. Thanks for the web-link Dan. I will check it out.

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