The Earth Did Move, But It Depends

Did you feel the Earth shake last week, Thursday at 8:10pm along the West Coast of Canada? Not many did according to my small sample group of friends and acquaintances. I received a phone call just after the event from a friend who lives over in the 232nd Street and Highway #1 area of the Langley Township in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and he was excited, as he phoned me about it. I contacted another friends who lives just down the road, and he reported nothing, nothing out of the ordinary as far as an earthquake goes. I even contacted my sister who lives on Vancouver Island, and she felt nothing, yet another friend who lives in Abbotsford, 20km East from me said he felt it quite bad. It is just weird how depending on where you live, you either felt it, or you did not.

Magnitude    Mw 6.5
Date time    2014-04-24 03:10:12.0 UTC
Location    49.78 N ; 127.49 W
Depth    10 km
Distances    322 km W of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,837,969 / local time: 20:10:12.0 2014-04-23
135 km NW of Tofino, Canada / pop: 1,655 / local time: 20:10:12.0 2014-04-23

Where was I?

I was actually outside, on top of my roof, installing the cabling for my security cameras just as the quake occurred. So it was really difficult for me to have noticed the big one, but I did notice the smaller after-shock right after, as I was talking to my friend George about it, inside. So technically I did not feel the larger one becuase I was on the roof of a trailer, which has a lot movement when I am up there anyway, but I felt the smaller one (out of the three quakes within a twenty minute period). But for my friend George, who lives less than 10 km away from me due South, described it as “it was enough to shake my window blinds, and rattle my dishes in my cupboard.” My friend in Abbotsford said the same thing, while my neighbour down the street felt nothing.

I think this map best describe what is going on, as to why some felt it, and many did not. It appears that it all depends on where you live, and what sort of geological feature is underneath you. But most of all, what you were doing during the shaking.


Map courtesy of “CSEM/EMSC” European-Mediterranean Seismology Centre at

In the above map, it shows the 6.4, (or 6.5) magnitude earthquake location as a big red star. The coloured circles, and their corresponding shades of blue, are from where people felt it at the time during the quake.


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