May Already–Where Did April Go?

Time does fly when you are constantly chasing it. Not having enough time to get things done, sacrificing sleep so that I can keep up, going that extra bit to stay on top of deadlines, I blinked, and I missed it. It is May already, and I still feel like I am a month behind. The last two days have been really hot lazy days of summer, so the urge to stop everything and have fun keeps gnawing at me whenever I see young unemployed in town walking about enjoying the Sun. It is nearly 17C and it is just 10:00am now. My landlord is running a power line out to the new well-house, so I am blocked in my driveway until the excavator finishes that up–I may have my power cut while they re-wire it. Oh do not worry, I am hard at work, doing taxes–again.

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Yes, those pesky tax forms need my attention, or all three levels of government will stop as their wheels will stop, and chaos follows if I do not get those done and handed in. This is actually part two of my taxes becuase the first filing to Revenue Canada had more to do with my personal out-going taxes, while this little pile of forms deals with the newly acquired receipts from my days as a contractor. It is a long story, but my former employer is themselves in deep doo-doo with the tax man, and they have been a little slow releasing statements to us, putting us in limbo with the man. I hope I never end up like them, my former employer, and I hope half the business community are not even remotely in the same state as these guys are. They went into bankruptcy a few weeks ago, and they took a lot of people down with them

So, the month of May, it is here! Yay! Maybe when I get this day clear away I will make time and head into town and buy some clothes. Maybe I will just window shop, or browse one of the big-box store in search of deals instead?

Here is to another busy month!

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