Changing Keyboard Short-cuts in Ubuntu 14.04 to Work With Blender 2.70

Because I use Blender on many different O.S., both at home and at work, it is most often logical just to change the keyboard short-cuts for each system that I am working with, rather than configuring Blender itself. And since most of my time is spent working with Ubuntu at home, I would rather just change some of the keyboard short-cuts, and keep everything standard in the Blender GUI. I just recently upgraded my Linux box to Ubuntu 14.04 (as a fresh install) which meant that I had to reconfigure everything from the start. As of the time of this writing, I am using Ubuntu 14.04, along with Blender 2.70.

The keyboard short-cuts that I want to change are:

  • Crtl+Alt+Numpad 0 (Moves the camera to current point of view, in Blender)
  • Alt+Right Mouse Button (Is the Edge Loop select short-cut, in Blender)

In Ubuntu 14.04, you need to install the Compiz Config Settings Manager (CCSM). Warning: be very careful with the CCSM, as it can mess up your Desktop. However, these changes should have little effect on your everyday usage with Unity, but make sure you make note of what you changed, just in case.

Changing Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 0, do the following: open the CCSM, and go to General –> general Options, then click the “Key Bindings” Tab, and hunt for “Minimize Window” command. Now press the “<Control><Alt><KP0> button and un-check the “Enable” check box. (For my machine this was fine, but you may need to add a different keyboard combination, as an alternative in CCSM, for it to take effect).

And while you are here in the General Options “Key Bindings” window of the CCSM, look for Alt+Right-Mouse-Button button: find “Window Menu” control a little further down. For this to work, you cannot disable the <Alt>Button3 Button, like you did before. Here you have to change it to something else, so I used <Alt><Super> <Button 3>, as an alternative.

These are the two most common keyboard short-cuts that I use in Blender that seem to interfere with Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop. There is a third change, but I never use it, and I am not sure what short-cut this does in Blender, but I will post it here anyway just in the off chance that this might be useful to someone.

For changing Alt+Left Click in the CCSM: open the CCSM find “Move Window” plugin, and press the <Alt>1stbutton, and uncheck the “Enable” check box. This will disable the “Initiate Window Move” action for Unity. If that does not work, change the key combination to <Alt><Super><Left Mouse Button>. 

I hope this helps any Ubuntu user who is using the Blender 3D Modeller program. If you have any issues, or found a mistake in my instructions, please let me know in the comments.

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