The Black Sheep

Well it appears that I have black sheep living next door to me now. Actually, they belong to the landlord, and they are sort of acting as the lawn care specialists in the lower field on the farm, as they can eat and fertilize the grass at the same time. I honestly thought he was getting white ones for their wool, but I guess the black wool would work too. These two are quite the pair–like your typical sheep, these two stick together–always.

The Black Sheep - May 11 2014 Weblog Image

When they were taking the sheep out from the truck, right at that moment when they were separated, they went berserk. The one sheep still left in the truck was just calling to his buddy like crazy, while the sheep that was heading to the pen was just going in circles trying to get back onto the track. The last sheep had to be carried from the truck to the pen becuase he was just trying to run and jump all over the place, and we were worried that he might tangle himself up in the rope that was tethered to him.

Now I have black sheep here.

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