Looking Forward in the Next Twenty Days

I have been busy, not having any time to post, or email everyone that I wanted to. I have been focusing on dealing with my career move as the economy is still very shaky. From work becoming slow, almost to the point where I am spending more time enjoying long weekend, then getting hours, and worrying about the state of my employers, are they going to make it. I have lost one job in the last twelve months due to them going into bankruptcy, are the others sure to follow?

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So as always I have been on the hunt for new sources of work. With a sheer chance of luck, going through a friend, I think I have found a new career path to follow thanks to him. As promised, I will not talk about any of the details because of the amount of people applying for these positions, but with my friend’s help, I was able to be at the right place, at the right time, and got an interview on the very day that I seen him. The interview seemed to have gone very well, so I wait for the magic phone call.

In about ten days I should know if I am accepted into this new career move. Talk about being on pins and needle waiting for all this time. I am doing a lot of pacing back and forth, planing and working as hard as I can to finish up my current jobs.

On top of all this, I may have to do another move, though I am confident that I will be able to keep both places if I do move. The new job maybe located in another town, close by, but I may have to commit to stay there for long periods of time.

Looking forward, into the future, big changes are a coming.

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