Photos From This Past Week

The good weather is here, and I cannot fully enjoy it. With spring turning into summer rather quickly, so too are the demands for my time, so getting out and going some shooting during the best times of day is difficult to do now. I need the good light for the best shots. Whenever I can, I jump on the opportunity to at least get some shots of the various flowers that are popping up around my flowerbeds. Here are some shots that are my favourites.

The Floppy Poppies:

Poppy Plants May 12 2014 Weblog Image

The Floppy Poppies - May 11 2014 Weblog Image

Then there are the apple tree blossoms, which I used my 30mm macro lens to get this close-up shot with:

Apple Tree Blossom - Close Up - May 7 2014 Weblog Image

I am glad it is finally like summer out. I will plan a hike down to one of the trails near my place soon, probably next weekend, to do some nature shots. I cannot wait for that.

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