I Just Had to Post This Photo I Called: Friends

I just had to post this image I shot last week of poppies that I call “Friends.” This was one shot that I spent some time working on, as I saw the flowers lined up perfectly, but waited patiently for the right lighting conditions. There was no way that I could capture the narrow field of view while keeping the frame in horizontal view, so I had to go with a vertical shot instead. The shot seems to work.

Poppy Love in the Flwerbed May 14 2014

I used my 28-50mm f2,8 Sony lens for this shot, on my A77. I was shooting in Aperture Priority,  or “A” mode, keeping the FStop open to 2,8 so I could get the blurriest background I could, and pushing the boundaries of the minimum focal distance of the lens.

I was surprised that I had to do very little post editing of this image. What you are seeing, is almost straight out from the RAW File. I only just converted it to a PNG format.

I noticed that the stems on these flowers only stayed straight during the mid-afternoons when the Sun was right overhead. I also had a huge lighting issue too at this time of day, so I used a 60cm round reflector to give the foreground a little added light to highlight the stem’s colour and detail. I may do a large print of this image.

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