Sheep You Can’t Count On

Already these two sheep that my landlord got have been a source of many laughs, and photo opportunities. The latest observation has been the charging up to the gate, calling out as loud as they can, whenever someone enters the driveway with their vehicles. The sheep are better than my security system for letting me know when someone has arrived!

Black Sheep Making a Deal - Weblog Image - May 16 2014

However, they do not always run to the top of the field over to the gate when someone drives onto the driveway. Today I had Bible-Pushers drive in, and I noticed the sheep just sat at their favourite spot, while the boys in suites continued to walk up to my door. So the sheep are not 100 percent dependable–yet. Perhaps they can tell the difference between the landlord and other people?

Taking a page from Psychology 101, Mr. Ivan Pavlov who observed what he called Classical Conditioning, or Behaviorism when you have stimulus from around effecting the naturally occurring stimulus of the subject. In this case, the sheep are hungry all the time (natural stimulus), and the landlord bringing food is the environmental stimulus, so the learned behaviour is the sheep running up to the gate to greet the landlord for the yummy treats ( Psychology, 2014).

Maybe i will need to get the landlord to dress-up in his business suite the next time he feeds the sheep?

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