I Braved the Rain and Watched the Parade!

I braved the rain and watched the parade. A friend from Terrace, BC came down for a visit, while she was taking part in some events going on in Vancouver, and we decided to watched the parade, along with another friend who joined us, even though it was raining. The rain did stop after the first twenty minutes into the parade, so we were lucky as the day kept getting better and better. I also snapped over 500 photos this time around, so it will take me a while to sort through them all and choose which ones I should post. Here are a couple of samples shots.

MayDay Parade - Fort Langley BC - May 19 2014 --005a

Both of these shots I used my Sigma: 28-300 f3.5-6.3 telephoto lens, mounted on my Sony A77.

MayDay Parade - Fort Langley BC - May 19 2014 --004a

As you can see it was raining fairly hard at first, and the light was bad for the first part of the parade, but I did manage to get some really good shots regardless of these poor conditions.

The parade was great (although very short this year), and it was even better having to share it was great friends, which made the rain even less significant. I had a really great time.

This year was the 92 annual Mayday Parade in Fort Langley, BC.

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