Photos of the 92nd Fort Langley, BC Parade

I finally got these uploaded here on the blog! These are photos of the Mayday Parade from yesterday in Fort Langley, BC. I originally shot just over 500 images, and painstakingly narrowed it down to the best of, 97 images which just passed my quality test. It was a rainy day, and very poor light for shooting, so I made the best of what I could get out of my camera.

Most of these images were shot with my Sigma 28-300mm lens. I started using my 16-50mm f2.8 Sony lens, but I wanted close up shots and better framing becuase of the way I was situated on the road, but it was the poor light that made shooting very difficult. So, out of over 500 shots, I narrowed it down to 97, missing out on about 30 percent of the floats and people in the parade. The parade was small this year, and the rain kept many away, but enough showed up to make it worth while.

If you want to view all the photos, please click here on my Photo Gallery, to see them in a larger size.

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